How to Fix a USB Cable That Won't Charge Properly: 6 Simple Steps

Is your smartphone not charging? Have you checked the USB Cable and the power socket? If yes then you might need to follow these steps to get thing sorted. Many a times users have complained that there USB charging cable is not charging their smartphones or emiting electrical shocks when the cable is being removed from the device. Many other complains regarding faulty USB cables have been seen but what can you do about it?

Here are some tips and tricks to follow when your Usb cable seems to be faulty. Do take a peek and share your comment in the comment box below.


If you observe that your USB cable is not functioning properly then immediately download Ampere from Google's Play Store and open it for test runs. The app will run perfectly for Android system who have OS versions above 4.0.


For this step, you're going to need is a charger and a place to plug it in either a wall outlet, or a computer. For the most accurate measurement of your charger's full capabilities, plug it into its official USB to wall outlet adapter, and plug that into your nearest outlet.


The app takes about 10 seconds to measure the charge of your phone, which is what you see on the left. The app uses Indication colours such as orange text when you're not plugged in and blue text when you are plugged in. When not plugged in, you can see how much energy your phone is currently using. This number will vary depending on how many things your phone is trying to do at once.

Design Layout

The app has a Lollipop based design, which will be easy for any user to understand. If you tap on the circular button which is placed on the left, then the app will take you to the full battery stats. Negative numbers mean that your phone is losing charge, and positive numbers show how much charge it is gaining.


If your are using your smartwatch quite offenly and using more Amperage, then you will get a number less than your expectation. This is not the USB chargers fault.


If you wish to charge your phone in a faster way, then switch it to airplane mode and dim off its display to grab more charge in a short span of time. This will not only give you more battery juice but it will also help you understand how much time your phone need to charge completely. A wall outlet will provide different Ampere of charge than a Computer USB.

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