How To Keep Your Smartphone Cool This Summer: 7 Simple Tricks

As the searing heat of the summer goes on the temperatures are bound to shoot higher in the coming couple of months. Your phone may not be able to take up this heat.

A phone's internal temperature changes based on the temperature of the surroundings. If the temperature goes on to rise beyond normal you might face some major problems such as battery draining, melting your central processing unit and battery and force shut-down of the device.

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Excessive phone heating can cause your phone to never start again as delicate internal components might get spoilt.

Written below are some tips which will allow you to keep your device cool this summer.

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Direct sunlight

How to keep your smartphone cool

Avoid your phone from direct sunlight. It is terrible for your phone. When left exposed to sunlight these devices trap the light and retains heat from the sun. This in turn makes your device hotter and the longer you stay in the sun, the hotter your device gets. Yes! That's direct proportionality.

Turn Off Those Unused Apps

How to keep your smartphone cool

Turn off the unused apps in your phone. These apps that you're not using runs in the back ground of the phone drains battery and increases the heat of the phone. Simply keep the home button pressed and swipe away whatever background apps appear on the screen. Closing these down not only saves battery but also decreases how hard your phone works, which in turn decreases heat.

Turn Down Your Brightness Level

How to keep your smartphone cool

Turning up your phone's brightness level for better visibility in the sun? Stop it! Buy a glare screen. Turning up your brightness level heats up your device as the display on your screen glows brighter and dissipates more heat. The battery is also over worked in such a scenario which also adds to your device heating.

Avoid Using Useless Back Covers

How to keep your smartphone cool

Those thick back covers which you slam on to your phone's back does keep them safe from accidental falls but also heats up your phone a lot. Avoid using back covers which are thick and usually won't bend. Use the ones that are flexible. Use silicone covers.

Try flipcovers This Summer

How to keep your smartphone cool

Flipcovers are a great investment this summer. You need not have an extra back cover and you'll have your phone's display protected as well. A wide variety of flipcovers are available in the market. For phones that have their battery sealed off a classic case might help instead of a backcover.

Strip Down Your Phone For Express Cooling

How to keep your smartphone cool

If you feel that your device has already started to overheat, strip your phone's case off. The case attached to the phone's back traps the heat. Taking off the case will allow your phone's heat to dissipate quickly and more efficiently. This is an efficient way to cooldown an overheating device.

Do Not Overcharge Your Device

How to keep your smartphone cool

This summer, overcharging your device may lead to a catastrophe. The disaster might so happen that your phone may also explode due to over charging. This is a very important thing to keep in mind this summer. The gadget's battery might also bulge due to excessive charging.

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