How To Recover Deleted Data From Smartphone: 5 Easy Steps

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With the advent of the smartphone industry, we have seen some major technological improvements on even the most basic handsets in the market. And those advancements don't seem like they will stop anytime soon.

How To Recover Deleted Data From Smartphone: 5 Easy Steps

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However, while today's handsets can effective handle 8 to 16 GB of additional storage in addition to the device's internal storage, there are days when the microSD cards start acting up. Apart from that, it goes without saying that most of us aren't of the backup-taking sorts.

So when sometimes you lose data on your handset, there's a lot of confusion on how to get it back. Well, you needn't lose your mind for that as the steps involved are quite simple and effective. Check them out.

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Step 1

In order to recover whatever you have lost, you will require downloading and installing a free data recovery application. Apps like Recuva (with fastest recovery times) should do the trick. Note that older files need more time for recovery. Hit up Recuva on Google. It's easy to find.

Step 2

Once that's out of the way, install the application on your PC. From there on, the automated wizard helping you with recovering pictures will come up. You can either decide to let it be or follow it for the east steps to recovery. We recommend that you use the wizard.

Step 3

Now the application will ask you which are the files that you need to recover. You can choose between pictures, audio files, documents and others. Following that, it will now ask for the location that you want to save the data in. You could choose the location of your memory card for the data to be recovered.

Step 4

Once the source of the recovery and all other settings are in place, it will ask you to start the scanning. Considering the fact that your data is quite old, you can hit the deep scan option before you begin data scan.

Step 5

The application will not get to the business and scan your data or memory card or the selected data. It will show you the estimated time left for the scan to be complete before the whole recover process is done. From here on, give it a bit of time before all the files have been retrieved. And there you have it.

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