How to Stop Unwanted Apps From Being Installed Automatically On Your Android Device

As we are all aware that Android being an open source platform has many benefits, such as customization and unlimited number of apps. But most of us don't think about the disadvantages of it. There can be many malware installed on your device right now and the user might not be aware of it. One of the major problems which can be seen right now is that unwanted apps are getting downloaded automatically on your smartphone, without a user's permission.

Well Folks, do not worry, here are some tips and trick on how to stop them from getting installed automatically on your device. Do take a look and keep your smartphone safe and in good hands

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Check the security settings:


Users need to go to Settings>Security>Unknown sources and uncheck allow installation of apps from (unknown sources). Some times unwanted apps do get installed if the user is trying to install apps from the web or any other source which leads to advertisements and unwanted apps.

Uncheck Automatic Updates:

Google Play

In Google Play Store, tap on the 3 lines option present at left hand side top corner and select settings. Uncheck automatic updates.

New Apps Might Contain Adware:

News Apps

Sometimes the apps we download contains adwares which in returns gets other unwanted apps installed onto your device without your permission and brings pop up advertisements too. So just uninstall the most recently downloaded apps and hopefully this problem will be solved.

Change Google password:

Google Password

We would recommend this process as a user can get to know which app or the source of this problem. A user need to create a new password for his/her Goole account, preferably from their computer. A restart is needed on your device, once the restart is done you will be asked to enter your password once again and your problem will be solved.

Delete Rogue Apps:

Rogue Apps

Rogue apps are basically apps that access your data and misuse it. They basically get downloaded on their own and if a user isn't aware of its presence then it can harm your smartphone too. So basicaly a rogue app can be deleted going into Settings>apps> All. If you can see it then delete it immediately.

Don’t Click On Advertisements:


Please do not click on advertisements or any other sort of pop-ups. They are dangerous and harmfull. Pop-ups, especially bring malware to your device and even installs unwanted apps too.

Try a Factory Reset:

Factory Reset

If none of the above options have worked for you connect your device to your computer or take a backup in your smartphone itself and execute a factory reset. To execute a factory rest you need to click on settings>backup&reset. Back up your data first and then reset your smartphone.

Clean Your Memory Card:

Format Memory Card

As Android is a open source platform malwares and virus enter your smartphones easily and lodge on your memory card. So once in while do take backup of your important data and format your memory card. This will boost your device speed and malware free too.

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