How to Activate and Use Google Voice Search on Your iPhone from Anyplace?

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How to Activate and Use Google Voice Search on Your iPhone from Anyplace?

Voice activation is surely going to be an important addition in future versions of iOS. Apple is also working hard to enhance the functions of Siri and make it more useful from a consumer perspective. For activating voice searches using Siri, users usually have to tap on a text field and tap on the microphone key. 

This process is further shortened and enhanced by a new jailbreak tweak called Voice Search. Voice Search tweak allows users to execute Google voice search from anywhere on your iPhone. The tweak functions by adding an extra feature to the iPhone’s setting called ‘Activator’. 

Voice Search does not come along with icons or settings and is completely set up through the Activator. A gesture for activation has to be provided which can be used to invoke the listening mechanism. When a search has to be performed, Voice search is activated through the gesture and you will have two options once you have spoken the query. You can either accept the query and do its search by clicking on ‘Done’ or you can choose to ‘Cancel’ the query and provide a new one. 

The gesture by default is a double tap on the status bar. When you perform that action, a pop up window titled ‘Speak now’ with a microphone icon will appear. You will provide the search query on this window. If you are using BrowserChooser package, the searches could be opened in Google Chrome by choosing it as the default browser. If you are not using the BrowserChooser package, the searches will be opened in Safari by default. 

Voice Search is available for free download from the Bigboss repository. The tweak is compatible with most versions of iOS. 

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