How To Add Pop-Up Dictionary to Your Android Devices

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With the coming of the 5-inch and bigger than 5-inch devices in the market, many readers have become quite comfortable when it comes to reading online. It is quite easy to read any online publications on these devices as compared to smaller devices, especially the ones with less than 4-inches display.

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Also because of the rise in the number of ebook readers and the growth in the ebook market, the 5-inch smartphone users can get easy access to these books, and reading, as said earlier, is not a bad experience in the device. Moreover, even tablet users who are voracious readers prefer ebook these days. Why not? It's at least better than carrying a bulky 500 pages of hard copy.

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However, everything is not as perfect as it seems. Thus, although the tablet and smartphones are convenient in certain ways when it comes to reading, but the oddity of the experience comes in when you want to look-up for a word's meaning, as you may come across unknown words while reading frequently.

Thus today for Android smartphone and tablet users, GizBot has come up with simple 5 steps which will help you install a Pop-up dictionary to your device. The app will work pretty smooth and you won't have to come out of the page and open another tab and Google the word.

Take a look in the sliders below:

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Find an App

Fist of all, Android's app ecosystem offers you numerous dictionary apps, but in this case it's not the dictionary you want, but the pop-up dictionary which will offer you the meanings within the page. Thus there are several apps, but Popup Dictionary and WordLookup are two best ones. Take any one of these.

Downloading the App

Lets say you want WordLookup app to be installed in the device. Now Go ahead to the Google Play Store and download the app.

In-App Settings

Once you download the app, tap the auto-created app widget, which will lead you to settings, where you can set a Pop-up display length, number of definitions shown and also toggle text-to-speech. Almost all these functions are self-explanatory.


Unlike most of the dictionary apps where you have to come outside your reading page, copy the new word, and open the dictionary app separately and paste it, you don't have to do this with the new app. All you need to do is highlight the new word. Go to the share button at the top and tap WordLookup. The meaning will appear at the bottom of the display for the pre-set duration.

Usage and benefits of the App

The app comes with a number of functions, the best one is the option which will allow you to choose the number of definitions you need. You can demand any number of definitions. Also the duration of the pop-up dictionary on the screen can be controlled to any length of time. You can make it read the definition as well. Compared to all the other dictionaries, it is pretty cool and user friendly as well.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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