How to Add RAM to Your Laptop?

How to Add RAM to Your Laptop?
In today's world, laptops are most preferred devices, as they are more convenient in terms of size and form factor when compared to Desktop PCs. At the same time, laptop is a mobile device accompanied with high performance and speedy specifications. However, normally the performance and swiftness of any device depends completely on the memory capacity. Similarly, a laptop's memory is the Random Access Memory (RAM). While the next generation laptops available in the current market -- already come with hefty amount of RAM, however, a little old laptops with less RAM usually get you in the troubled waters of performance issue.

Further, usage can also cause performance issues. If you are using a laptop for lighter tasks like browsing the web and editing texts using MS office, you might need only a RAM of moderate capacity. Hence, a 256 MB or 512 MB RAM would be sufficient for such work. However, if you need to do high end task like photo, video and sound editing, gaming etc, you will need a laptop with a higher capacity RAM, ie. Upto 1GB to 4GB.

The big question over here is , with a laptop equipped with a lower capacity RAM, how is it possible to perk up the performance? Well, here comes the solution! You can always go for a memory upgrade to enthrust additional RAM to your device. How it can be done? Here are the steps which will help you to get an idea about the basic guidelines on how to upgrade the RAM.

RAM Type and Slots

Please Note: Before upgrading your laptop with additional RAM it is very important for you to find out certain info about your laptop like:

  • How much RAM addition the hardware of your laptop can support? This information can be acquired from the vendor’s website or by referring the manuals given along with the laptop.

  • Next thing is to determine the type of RAM. There are various types of RAM like DDR, DDR2 and DDR3. Laptops purchased around 2 years back will most probably have a DDR or DDR2 RAM. Recently purchased laptops might be having a DDR3 RAM. These RAM types differ in their performance capabilities.

  • Your laptop hardware usually incorporates slot for incorporating a particular type of RAM. This means that if the hardware has a slot for accommodating DDR2 RAM, you can install only a DDR2 RAM and not DDR or DDR3.After you have determined this you must purchase the RAM with sufficient capacity for performing the tasks.

  • If you use multiple programs at once, consider upgrading to 1GB of RAM. For graphic design or audio work you need a minimum of 2GB of RAM.


Step-by-Step Installation Guideline

  • You must disconnect the laptop from power sources and turn it off before dismantling it for the installation of the new RAM.

  • Once you have done that, you will have to trace out the memory compartment door. Location of this door varies in different laptops. You can find where the door is located by checking the hardware map in the manual of the laptop. The memory compartment door is usually placed in the bottom of the laptop and you will find screws attached to this door. Use an appropriate screw driver to open the door.

  • Typically, there will be two slots for RAM. Check if both slots are occupied. If both slots are occupied you will have to remove one module from the slot and then install the new module. If not you can simply add the new module on to the vacant slot.

  • Once you have placed the module on to the slot give a small push. This will enable the clips to lock the RAM on to the slot.

  • Close the door and tighten the screws.

  • Now you can turn on the laptop and view the BIOS screen – to check if the installed RAM has been accepted and read by the hardware unit.


Basic Information: BIOS screens are usually accessed using Function keys or the delete button. If the RAM module has been accepted you can start working with the upgraded memory. Your laptop will boot faster and applications will run more efficiently upon successfully completing the upgrades.

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