How to backup and sync media files?

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With the tremendous rise of the significance of social networking services, several applications are being launched in order to enhance the users of social networking services with more easiness. One such free service is the SocialFolders.

SocialFolders is mainly used in order to keep track of users pictures, files etc in one location so that users can find it relatively easier there by eliminating the need for confusion. As of now, this free service is used especially in popular social networking services such as Facebook as well as Twitter.

How to backup and sync media files?

SocialFolders can be considered as an upcoming methodology through which the users can share their content online. By means of SocialFolders, users can instantly upload, download as well as manage their photos from the computer.

Users will have to follow the below mentioned steps with utmost care.

  • Download SocialFolders

  • Install SocialFolders

  • Users will then have to register their free SocialFolders account

  • Once registration is completed, users will then have to connect the SocialFolders to the web services they use

  • Most of the web services are connected by means of their own interface

How to backup and sync media files?

  • Once the user gets connected to the website, users will be provided with the opportunity to transfer their files to their SocialFolders location

  • The maximum limit that the users can start with is 2, 000 files

  • The fact is that users can add more files by means of opting for a premium account

  • More files can be added even by referring new users

  • Users will be provided with a notification from SocialFolders regarding the completion of the syncing of files

  • The Blue icon in the system tray represents the Social Folders location

  • Users will have to click the Blue icon in order to open user’s SocialFolders location

  • The users can now very well see a single folder that is represented corresponding to each of the web service that users wishes to connect to the SocialFolders

How to backup and sync media files?

  • Users can back up the media files if they wish to do so

  • Now if the user wishes to transfer the files between any two services, all that the users will have to do is to copy and paste the files in to the respective folders that are present inside the location of SocialFolders

  • SocialFolders does not allow the deletion of files remotely

That’s it! This is how the users can enjoy making use of SocialFolders by backing up as well as syncing media files. Good round of appreciation SocialFolders deserves for its user-friendly features.

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