How to Backup data recovery if hard drive fails?

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Hard Drive Failure can be considered as one such situation which the users desperately wouldn’t like to encounter. One of the main reasons is the loss of data as well as critical information that can cause terrible emotions from the user’s point of view.

There are mainly four possible ways that leads to the Hard Disk Failure. They are:

Firmware Corruption: This condition occurs when the computer fails to recognize the hard disk that is spinning up when it is powered on. The corruption results in making the hard disk totally unreadable. Reprogramming the faulty drive with the help of a programming expert seems to be the only way out to rectify the problem.

Electronic System Failure: The electronic system failure is often caused by power spikes as well as variations in voltage. The symptoms include the signs of burns once you take the hard drive out and take a close look.

Mechanical Failure: This condition occurs when any of the hardware parts are damaged and results in the loss of data. Symptoms include unusual sounds coming from the system.

Logical Corruption: It is quite similar to that of a software error. The logical errors can be fixed by making use of Scandisk software. Other ways through which the users can eliminate the logical corruption is by means of complete reinstallation or repairing of the operating system.

Data Recovery

There are certain ways through which users can have data recovery by creating backups. Let’s take a close look at the following techniques that will help the users with data recovery.

How to Backup data recovery if hard drive fails?

Creating Back Ups

This can be considered as one of the most important steps that the users can take in order to reduce the damage caused during hard drive failure.

Users can create backups in the following devices and folders that include:

  • CD’s

  • DVD’s

  • Networks

  • Google

  • Yahoo

  • e-mail

SyncToy: It can be considered as one of the most popular tools for creating backups in large folders that are further followed by manual backups as well as to the C: drive also. It is a freeware tool. This tool comes with a user-friendly graphical user interface that is especially used for the synchronization of folders and files. The coding in SyncToy is done especially with the help of .NET framework.

Features and Functioning of SyncToy

  • Users will have to create a folder pair that represents the two folders that has to undergo synchronization

  • The folders can be placed on any location including the local drive or flash drive

  • Browse option is provided for the user

  • Two safeguards are provided for not losing the files permanently

  • Preview is provided for the user

  • Deleted files will be temporarily moved on to the recycle bin

How to Backup data recovery if hard drive fails?


Defragmentation is also another popular method that helps in data recovery. To check whether your system needs Defragmentation, the following steps have to be followed. The steps include;

  • Go to Control Panel

  • Click Rearrange items

  • Select the drive that users wish to analyze

  • Click Analyze

  • After a short while the system will display a message indicating whether the drive needs Defragmentation or not!

Once it is clear that Defragmentation is required; the following steps have to be followed:

  • Open the ‘My Computer’ option

  • Right-click the local disk volume of that requires Defragmentation

  • And then click Properties

  • In the Properties option, users can see a Tools tab

  • Click ‘Defragment Now’ option

  • Then click ‘Defragment’

Defragmentation is successfully done.

How to Backup data recovery if hard drive fails?

Keeping Operating System in C: drive

It is often desirable to keep the operating system on the C: drive separately and keep other data in one or more drives other than ‘C’ drive. One of the major advantages of using this method includes the elimination of messing up all the data in a single drive if something happens to that drive.

Power Surge Protection

One of the most commonly used power surge tools includes the Belkin Power Surge Protector. Unexpected Power Surge often results in the hard drive failure which ultimately results in the loss of data. Making use of Power Surge Tools can significantly reduce the risk of hard drive failure due to power surge. Belkin Power Surge is the best among the power surge protectors available on the international market.

These are the ways through which users can create back up methods for data recovery in case the hard drive fails.

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