How to Burn(Copy) Data File from the Computer to DVD/CD

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If you want to burn a file from your computer onto a DVD/CD, you don't need to pay for an expensive program or download and install something that promises to unlock these abilities for you. Your operating system has the ability to burn computer Data to DVD/CD already. More so than that, using this process from within your operating system is arguably easier than using any other type of program in the first place.

Items you will need to Burn Data

  • DVD/CD Burner

  • DVD/CD

Step 1:

Insert a DVD/CD into your computer's DVD/CD Drive (ReWritable).

Step 2:

Click "Start."

Step 3:

Click "Programs."

Step 4:

Open the icon for your DVD/CD burner.

Step 5:

Click on file from your computer's hard drive and drag it into the window you see on your screen. Then, click "Burn Files to Disc." The file will then be burned to the DVD/CD that you had previously inserted into your burner.

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