How to capture snaps from select live streaming events on YouTube?

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Imagine you are watching a live event on YouTube. Have you ever wished for a tool by which you could have taken some snaps of the event for sharing with your near and dear ones? Sometimes sharing the video or the link may not work or it could be that only some specific portions of the event are interesting to share. Or there are some specific moments you want to capture which you can cherish forever.

For example just think about the Oscar night where A R Rahman picked up his award for music. How many of us have that historic moment with us? We may have a video of the same floating in YouTube, but not in our personal folder. This is where the new camera application, Frontrow from Vivid assumes significance.

Recently YouTube announced that everyone will be able to watch the livestreamed event that is going to take place in the Sydney Opera House. But what was more significant is the announcement from YouTube we can make use of an app named ‘FRONTROW’ to capture photos from the live streaming event which they can share to all of the social networks.

How to capture snaps from select live streaming events on YouTube?

So here is an app that will let you snap photos from live streaming event in YouTube. It is a very good app since it gives us the ability to take photos of a livestreaming event from a video on-demand site such as YouTube.

So who actually have created this wonderful app?

It s created from VIVID which is considered to be a known technology major.

How Frontrow application works?

  • It is a custom application that allows for the first time for the audiences around the world to capture and store select scenes from live streaming events on YouTube

  • FRONTROW app lets those experiences to be shared with others across the globe with its custom camera application

How to capture snaps from select live streaming events on YouTube?


  • With the app, you can take photos of the live streaming event

  • You can also change your views by zooming in and zooming out functionalities that the app provides users with

  • Filters are also present in the app which you can make use of for any kind of resizing as well as modifications

  • Finally this app provides users with the capability to immediately share the photos on their social networks

How to capture snaps from select live streaming events on YouTube?

It has to be noted that the FRONTROW app as of now is only available for those users who are limited to the streams that makes use of VIVID’s app. Overall the app is a nice package and is first of its kind in the world.

This is how users can snap photos Live from YouTube with FRONTROW app from Vivid.

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