How to change keyboard input language in iOS devices?

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If you are the user who is expecting to make use of languages other than English on your iOS devices, then here is detailed information on how you can do it.


The fact is that most of the iOS devices mainly come with 40 languages pre-installed in it. The only thing that the users will have to do from their side is to activate the language. IPhone and iPad comes with the ability to display international fonts on the websites irrespective of the language that the users have activated.


In order to change the language, the following steps have to be followed with utmost attention. The steps are

  • Click on the Settings App

  • Then from the range of options that are provided, select ‘General’


How to change keyboard input language in iOS devices?


  • Click on ‘International’

  • In ‘International’ option, users can change the ‘Language’ as well as ‘Voice Control’ and ‘Keyboards’

  • Users can even modify the ‘Region Format’ and ‘Calendar’


Adding a New Keyboard Language

  • Go to Settings

  • Click General

  • Then select ‘International’

  • Click on ‘Keyboards’ tab

  • Inorder to remove a language or rearranging them, users will have to click on ‘Edit’ button that is located on the right side of the keyboard page


If the user wants to add a new language, the following steps have to be followed;

  • Go to Settings

  • Then click on General tab




  • Select International

  • Then click on ‘Keyboards’ option

  • Select ‘Add New Keyboard’

  • Of the 40 languages that are provided, users will have to select the language of their choice

  • Click on the New button that is represented on the left side of the space bar and then the users will have to alternately press and hold the button inorder to select the language from a given pop-up list


Changing the main system language


If the user want to change the displayed language other than English or if the user got the device with some other language being displayed and switch back to English, then the following steps have to be followed;

  • Navigate towards Settings

  • Select ‘General’ tab

  • Then click on ‘International’




  • Select ‘Language’

  • Select the language that the user wants to switch on to for their comfort

  • Finally press ‘Done’ inorder to activate the language

  • Users will now see a black screen that displays message as ‘Setting Language’

  • The iOS booting process will take a few seconds

  • Finally the users can see that almost everything from default settings to apps will be translated to the language of the user’s choice


This is how the users can change their keyboard input language on their corresponding iOS devices.

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