How to change start-up programs in Windows 7?

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Since the launch of the successful Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft has made several changes in order to improve the functionality of the operating system. One of them is the Start up Program settings.

Start Up program settings are usually stored in the hard drive and that too usually in a specific folder. The booting of the operating system will kick start the respective applications listed in the link.

How to change start-up programs in Windows 7?

The changes in the start-up settings can be done by making use of the system configuration tool. System Configuration Tool is a tool that is mainly used for the trouble shooting of the Microsoft Windows Start-up process. It is also represented as ‘msconfig’.

Addition of link to the start up folder

  • Select the Start button

  • Then users will have to select the ‘All Programs’

  • Now the users will have to search for the ‘Start Up’

  • Right click the ‘start up’ tab from the menu

  • Then click ‘Open All Users’

  • Clicking of the option leads to the opening of the folder for all users that are present on the computer

  • In order to open the folder that represents the user that are currently logged in, click ‘Explore’

  • Make a list of the desired files that the users wishes to get started with once the system boots up

  • Right click those files and then click Copy option from the menu

  • Now again go to the start up folder and paste on the white space that is present in the folder

  • Now the specified program will open the next time users start the computer

How to change start-up programs in Windows 7?

Changing the current start-up programs

  • Click the ‘Start’ button

  • In the search box, users will have to type ‘msconfig’

  • Then press enter and the system configuration console will be opened

  • Then the users will have to click the ‘Start Up’ tab

  • Start up option gives the users a brief view of the start up programs that is present on the users computer

  • Users will now have to check all those boxes they wish to start when the computer boots up

  • Then click ‘Apply’

  • Finally close the configuration window

How to change start-up programs in Windows 7?

  • Users will be encountered by a pop-up window that asks whether the users want to have a reboot of the computer

  • Users will have to select ‘Restart’

  • The changes are now saved once the computer restarts

This is how the users can change the startup programs by means of System Configuration tool in their Windows 7 computer.

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