How to chat up in multiple languages in real-time

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Users can have a lot of instant messaging applications that they can download and chat. It seems that most of the apps such as GroupMe, WhatsApp etc have all it takes in order to impress the users except one, and yes that is the absence of a translator feature which limits the conversation of the users and their friends only in the English language. And the person who doesn’t know English is sure to get disappointed.

 But now the users around the world can sense a sigh of relief with the launch of TransFire which is considered to be an instant messaging app that helps in the complete translation of the conversation at the time of chatting itself. The app makes use of Google Translate’s API inorder to achieve this goal. The application seems to be a perfect partner for all those who have friends across the world.

How to chat up in multiple languages in real-time

  • Users will have to first log in to the app by means of their Facebook account

  • Now the app will look for friends that have installed this app on their devices

  • The users address book will also be scanned inorder to find out the friends who are making use of this app

  • By making use of the Google translate feature, TransFire helps in the translation of the real time chat conversation on to over 50 languages

  • TransFire application helps the users extensively in establishing a conversation with any one who is working with the user but is of some other nationality as well as also in establishing a conversation with the friends who prefer to chat in the native language online.

  • The significance of this application is high taking in to consideration the fact that it acts as a standalone translation tool.

How to chat up in multiple languages in real-time

With the increasing significance as well as rising demands for greater integration among the global community, TransFire is supposed to play a major role in bringing people across the world closer together by means of its user-friendly applications. Another major advantage of this application is the tremendous amount of time that can be saved by means of using TransFire while communicating with people of different community who speaks their own native language. There is even a possibility of an emergence of open chatrooms for the users as well as people inorder to communicate all over the globe.

How to chat up in multiple languages in real-time

TransFire also has the reputation of being the first of its kind that makes use of real-time translated chat. The application also comes with a stylish as well as attractive interface. The application has played a major role in the elimination of the language barrier.

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