How to Check Battery Consumption on Android and iOS?

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How to Check Battery Consumption on Android and iOS?

Smartphones are devices that are meant to allow the users to perform a wide variety of tasks including browsing, video playback and more apart from the basic calling and texting. So, the smartphones need to have powerful battery and decent backup.

A major complaint among the smartphone users it about the battery life, especially when it comes to the Android devices. The battery usage stats will offer a closer look on how the battery is used up. Sadly, many smartphone users are not even aware of such an option.

Below are the steps on how to monitor the battery usage of iOS and Android devices.


  • Click on the Menu button on the homescreen.

  • Go to Settings menu.

  • Scroll down to the “About Phone” option.

  • Click on Battery or Battery Usage.

You can notice the percentage of the battery being used up by each of the features like Display, Wi-Fi and more. With this information, you will get to know the apps and processes that are power-hungry and adjust the usage for a better battery life.


  • Go to the Settings icon on the homescreen.

  • Tap on General and select Usage.

  • Scroll to get the option “Time since last full charge” to have a look at the battery statistics. See the time next to Usage to know how long the iPhone has been used since the last time you have charged it fully. Standby will indicate the time left for the complete drain of the battery.

  • Turn the Battery Percentage slider “On”, so that the battery status bar appears in the top right corner of the homescreen.

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