How to choose a printer to buy

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For most of the computer users around the world, printers are almost becoming an integral part of their daily work schedule. Printers help in getting the users with a print copy of the letters or documents as well as even images. Users can opt for a color printer as well as Printer that gives only a black and white output. The fact is that before buying a printer, users should have a basic understanding of the different types of printers.


Here are some basic tips that the users must follow before buying a computer. In this article, let us understand some printer types and their key features.



How to choose a printer to buy



Mono Laser Printer: It is desirable to make use of mono laser printer that helps in basic functions like printing of the text documents such as letters as well as reports.


Some of the advantages of mono laser printer include:

  • Low ink costs.

  • Faster page per minute production.

  • Clearer text output with utmost perfection.


Ink Jet Printer: As far as the users who have a keen desire for editing of photos as well as getting a print out of it are concerned, it is suitable to make use of an Ink Jet Printer that comes with a combination of six colors also commonly known as six color printer.

Some of the advantages of ink jet printer include:

  • Colored print output.

  • Mediocre text reproduction.


For performing common duties, usually A4 printers are used. But if the users have to deal with enterprise business uses, then A3 printers will do the job because of its larger layout as well as is more expensive and comes with a superior quality.


Some of the standard features that should be present in a printer include:

  • Wireless feature.

  • PictBridge feature- This feature helps the users in directly getting a print of the photo taken by your digital camera.

  • Presence of media card slots.

  • Presence of USB ports to enhance better connectivity.

  • Presence of Wi-Fi connection that is especially suitable for laptops.





Office printers: It should have the following features such as:

  • Ethernet connectivity.

  • Administrator Interface for the administrator to control the functions.

  • It should be capable of providing 30 pages per minute of mono text documents.

  • Paper tray of 500 sheet capacity.

  • Duplex Printing feature should be present which enables the users with printing capability on both sides of the paper.

  • The printer should consist of Fax capabilities.






Print Quality: The following features are desirable that include;

  • Standard Print Resolution of 1200 x 1600 Dots per Inches.

  • Opt for Non-Interpolated specification.

  • As far as Draft document is concerned, a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi is desirable.

  • It is desirable to opt for either “best” or “fine” print mode.

  • Make sure the device comes with a good onboard memory cache.


Ink Costs: The following features are desirable;

  • Ensure that High Yield Ink Cartridges are used.

  • Calculate Ink Costs.

  • Also Calculate TCO also known as Total Cost of Ownership.


These are the basic features the users should understand before buying a printer.

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