How to choose a suitable font with Typekit?

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Typekit provides users with an easier means of making use of the real-fonts on the web. This service provides both the designers as well as developers with a library comprising high quality fonts for making use on their websites. Typekit is a service that is introduced by Adobe.

How to choose a suitable font with Typekit?

Some of the key features of Typekit include

  • Library of fonts

  • Infinite scalability

  • Ensures that the font meets the quality standards

  • The service adds new fonts on a timely basis

  • Users will also be provided with instant updates

Some of the key points that the users will have to take note of in Typekit Lists include

  • The list that are created by Typekit showcases a browsing procedure that are editorialized

  • Users can see that each of the lists consist of fonts that are organized on the basis of theme

  • Fonts include Sci-Fi or type writer fonts

  • It also has to be noted that the defining characteristic are designed in such a way so as to fit the rounded fonts as well as fat faces lists

Typekit is really a useful platform for those who are not sure of which fonts to use as it gives good font options to choose from.

The curated lists of typefaces that are worth to look out for include

  • Alternatives to Helvetica

  • Alternatives to Georgia

  • Rounded Fonts

  • Favourite Fonts

  • Good for Longform

  • Didones

  • Sci-Fi

  • Casual Fonts

  • Condensed Headline Fonts

  • Fat Faces

  • Light Faces

  • Formal Occasion

  • Typewriter Fonts

  • Wild West

The most notable fonts are the Alternatives to Helvetica which is an iconic font that arrives with neutral typefaces and also Alternatives to Georgia which was for a long time considered as the go-to paragraph fonts of the web designers. Similar is the case with the remaining list of typefaces which also comes with unique features and functionalities. Another notable typeface include that of Light Faces which is expected to work in the best possible way when set large and the users can also pair it with a contrasting paragraph font.

It does not matter whether the users are a subscriber of the font service or not, they can very well make use of this service as a valuable tool that can be used for improving the Typography understanding both online as well as offline.

This is how Typekit Lists helps users in selecting their favorite fonts.

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