How to choose a video gaming console?

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If you are a user who wants to be enjoying video gaming but is still confused by the choices of consoles available in the market, then this article will give the users the required tips that will avoid any sort of confusions.

How to choose a video gaming console?


Demographics Impact


It is one of the most important criteria that the users will first have to look for. It has to be noted that Nintendo is a gaming console that has been especially designed to target kids as well as families. Where as Microsoft’s Xbox is mainly a ‘guy’ console. Finally there is a console that will appeal almost every audience and it is none other than Sony’s PlaySation.


Wii – the perfect Family Console



Wii can be considered as one of the most active as well as user-friendly console that suits family the best. It has the reputation of being one of the most sought after Family Console.





It is always advised for the users to take in to consideration the budget factor before opting for a gaming console.

  • PlayStation 2 costs $130

  • Sony PlayStation 3 comes at around $400

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 comes at three price ranges depending on the equipment that includes $250, $300 as well as $400

  • Nintendo Wii comes with an affordable price tag of $250



Decide how large is the Library is and the type of Games that the users need


As far as the sources are concerned, PlayStation is expected to have one of the biggest game libraries that include the greatest number of titles as well as the presence of backward compatibility and back catalogue of games from PlayStation 1 and 2.


One of the major attractions of Wii includes the presence of retro games that makes use of ‘Virtual Console’. Where as Xbox 360 are known for its wonderful online features as well as games like GTA IV.


Compare Features


  • The absence of a DVD Player as well as hard drive contributes to much of the lower price tag Nintendo’s comes with

  • The fact is that Wii is capable of going online with the help of a broadband internet connection by making use of web browsers such as Opera as well as Flash 7

  • Sony as well as Microsoft was successful in adding advanced features like increased storage capacity as well as better cables at expensive price points

  • It has to be noted that the latest generation Wi-Fi technology will allow more multiplayer play



Importance of watching next generation DVDs


Blu-Ray compatibility can be considered as a key selling point of PlayStation 3, where as Wii is still developing its DVD system which is expected to be released only within Japan.


GP Caanoo


GP Caanoo is considered to be an open handheld gaming console that supports emulators. The gaming console has been especially designed for homebrew as well as retro-gaming.

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