How to choose a WordPress theme?

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Using WordPress for blogging is now common among all bloggers. They rely on a number of websites which gives them locations from where they can get blogging templates and WordPress themes. A few blog designers exist who offers WordPress themes for free, for a price and even selling themes which the user can customize.

How to choose a WordPress theme?

With this much options for getting a theme, the bloggers are suggested to consider a few factors before finally selecting a theme.

These factors as listed below can be considered while choosing WordPress themes:

  • Budget

  • Functionality

  • Customization

  • Layout

  • Designer

  • Reference blogs

  • Design Elements

  • Functional Elements

  • Reviews and

  • Support


There are free themes for WordPress, for which there would be many other users other than you. Custom themes come with a price and premium themes are priced around Rs 3,500/-. Custom themes can have bigger price tags. So consider how much money you are willing to spend for a theme and its functionalities.


Based on the goals of your blog and the functionalities you desire in it, select the apt themes wisely. There are themes with functionalities that let you add ads, in a limited space, and even help with growing your blogs.

Additional Customization

Purchase a theme first and then customize it to your liking, which consumes more money from your wallet. The bigger the customization, the greater will be the cost.


The layout of your blogs is something you have to consider before buying a theme. Blogs with standard layouts and chronological lists as well as blogs with photo, magazine style themes etc are available. Take your time and read a lot of reviews so as to come up with the best layout that will suit your blog type.

The Designer

Blog themes can be created by anyone and then sell it or offer it for free. A blog theme designer with reputation offers good quality themes with widgets that can be customized as well as handy plug-ins. So select themes made by a reputable designer

Reference blog sites

Search a lot for blogs in other sites and see if any blog theme fits the profile of the theme that’s in your mind. Dig deep and you will be able to find themes that are similar to that you desire. Contact the theme designers and know more about it.

Design Elements

The color, font and the style of the blogs should be taken into consideration. Make your blog is unique with themes that give you stylish headings for the blogs and the way the texts appear etc.

Functional Elements

Consider functional elements like

  • Post titles

  • Comments section

  • Sidebar headers

  • Navigation

  • “Read more” links at the end

Then select a theme which offers everything above or customize it to include the above.

Read reviews

Bloggers other than you might have written reviews about themes and templates that attract you. Read their reviews and make sure the themes will suit your blog. Read reviews about all the themes you have short listed.


Check whether there any supports for the theme you have selected, like queries about the theme to the designers, support forums to interact with other users of the theme. A theme which offers all the help you need is one of the best themes that you can get.

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