How to choose good passwords and prevent hacking

Posted By: Rahul

How to choose good passwords and prevent hacking

How to choose good passwords? This is the question that most people have today. Firstly, there is no such thing as good passwords or bad passwords. An expert hacker can break any type of passwords. But if your passwords are strong enough, the hacker will not be tempted to crack them.

To achieve strong passwords we give you some tips that will help you achieve piece of mind & thereby a rich computing experience & also prevent hacking:

  • Base Word Phrase: This means choosing a password that you find easy to remember. These can be your favourite phrases or even quotations. After selection of phrases, take the first letter of each phrase & combine them to form your password. For Example If you have selected a phrase say “You can lead a horse to water”, then you can form a password like “yclahtw”.

  • Elongate your passwords: When you choose an appropriate password, elongate it by adding things such as a software name at the end of your desired password. This helps in preventing brute force attacks.For Example: “yclahtwWin7”

  • Frequently change your passwords: By doing this, hackers will be discouraged from trying to crack your password/passwords. You can change only a few characters in your password every now and then for better results. For Example If your current password is puo5uEp, you could modify it once in a fortnight as puo5uEpinions.

  • Swap your passwords internally: This means interchanging uppercase with lowercase characters, swapping letters with alphabets or even alphanumeric characters. You can even substitute letters with numbers. For Example 1tsfwiEpinions

Thus, use these mechanisms & ensure security ( even online security) & keep hackers at bay.


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