How to clean up a laptop screen?

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If you are thinking about cleaning your laptop screen or your LCD screen, you have to keep certain things in mind. Laptop screens and LCD monitors are devices which require delicate handling.


Before you attempt to clean your laptop screen or LCD screen, you should understand that there are many chemicals, if handled carelessly, can damage the screen’s finish, making it dull. All of us use a cloth to clean laptop and LCD screens. The cloth’s fabric should be soft and smooth, which you must first ensure before cleaning. Hard fabric can make scratch marks in your screen.


How to clean up a laptop screen?




There are a few Dos and Don’ts which you should consider before cleaning your laptop/LCD screen.




  • Do not use alcohol in any concentration so as to rub the screen

  • Do not use Ammonia based products, especially Windex to clean the screen

  • Do not use tissue paper, News paper or even toilet paper for cleaning the screen




  • For removing the dust on the screen and for just a quick rub, use water

  • Mixing water and vinegar, each in 50% concentration is okay

  • Use Microfiber cloths for cleaning the screens without risk of abrasion


You might have heard that using 91% pure alcohol for cleaning the screen will not harm the screen. May be it won’t, but it will definitely damage the protective surfaces of the screen, which are made of plastic. Many plastic screen guards undergo reaction when alcohols are used on it.


If someone you know suggested Ammonia instead, for cleaning the LCD or laptop screen, then it could eventually kill your display although you won’t find anything weird while rubbing it with ammonia. Ammonia will make the screen brittle and eventually crack it permanently, as a result of chemical reactions.


How to clean up a laptop screen?


You might have cleaning solutions for your eyewear. Some of the solutions are a good mixture of water and vinegar. This is the best solution you can use for cleaning laptop as well as LCD screens. It can remove stains, water spots, and removable streaks etc on the screen.


Make sure you don’t use cloths with harsh, abrasive surfaces such as the likes of newspapers, toilet papers or tissue papers, to clean the screen. This is because these papers have wood fibers in it, which obviously scratch, the screen.


The best bet is to use microfiber cloths to clean the screen safely without damaging it, avoiding scratch marks as well.



How to clean up a laptop screen?



Follow these steps to clean the LCD/laptop screen in a safe way


  • Take a microfiber cloth and make sure it’s clean

  • Use the cloth to wipe the screen completely in one gentle swipe

  • If you don’t have the water-vinegar solution, you can make it by mixing 50% water and 50% vinegar.

  • The solution should be sprayed on the cloth

  • Now wipe the screen gently with the cloth

  • Remove spots by wiping the screen in a swirling motion

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