How to clean up your Facebook account?

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In the present times, the applications and the Facebook friends are increasing tremendously. This can lead the Facebook news and the wall to congestion. But if you don’t find useful posts or real friends in Facebook, then it’s high time to clean up the Facebook profile.

The Facebook offers wide spread options for those who can view the posts and can get access to your profile. Now the Facebook offers some of the efficient ways to add extra sense to the Facebook experience. In both the cases, deleting some of the pictures and posts is a tedious task.

There is a new Android tool known as Exfoliate which helps the Facebook user to permanently delete some of the Facebook history. It is very advantageous to have such an application in the social media which helps the user to remove the old entries which comes in the form of status updates, videos and pictures. The old entries on the Facebook can be easily removed with the aid of Exfoliate.

The procedure for using this new Android tool is explained below.

  • The user has to install “Exfoliate” from the Android market.

  • Now start loading the unwanted data to the Exfoliate. It is organized into time and content type.

  • If it doesn’t work out for the very first time then retry with Background Override checked.

  • If you are browsing with a reliable network, then the user can speed up the operation significantly by using Https.

How to clean up your Facebook account?


  • The user can sign up to the Facebook account. The Exfoliate never keep up the log in information.

  • Now the user has to authorize Exfoliate as one among the Facebook applications.

  • It may ask lot of permissions.

  • It now offers you with a last chance to reconsider. Start the Exfoliate by giving a click on the button which is at the bottom of the screen.

How to clean up your Facebook account?


  • When you suddenly remember that you need to save a picture, then you have the option to stop the deletion process.

  • Usually Exfoliate starts the deletion process with the oldest data, so you can catch the needed data in time by tapping on the cancel button.

  • It is a very slow process. So the user has to plug it overnight to delete more than a few posts.

How to clean up your Facebook account?


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