How to compress files in Mac

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How to compress files in Mac

If you are a MAC user, then you know you always have to move files here and there, save them in folders, sharing them and stuff. These files can be easily compressed so as to save storage space in your computer, considerably. You will be able to manipulate or share files via iChat, FTP or email. File compression also gives you a compact storage space with the files neatly stacked after compression.


A while back, an expensive application for Mac called Stuffit had to be used by Mac users for compression and decompression. Using Stuffit was a hard choice for Mac users then, because they would have to buy the expensive app, just to compress and decompress files. Now Mac OS-X has built-in features that can easily compress and uncompress files. Compressing files in Mac systems are as easy as compression of files in Windows. File compression in Mac systems is just a simple 3 step process. All you have to do is just, find the files, select them and right click on any one of them to select and start the compression.

How to compress files in Mac

The instructions to follow for compressing files in Mac are as follows:


  • Find the files that you need to compress, and if there are more than one files, then press shift and click all the files you need

  • After selecting the file(s), right click on any file and select “Compress” from the box, appearing after the click

  • File compression starts after a window opens automatically

  • After your Mac finishes the compression procedure, you will notice a small zip file which will obviously have the file you selected in a compact and compressed form

  • Now you can send the zip files to your friends, without bothering if they are Windows users or Mac users

  • Double click the zip file to uncompress and open it


File compression will start at that moment and you will see a window indicating the status of the file compression. The more files are there to compress, the more time it will take for compression. The time for fully compressing the files will also depend on the size of the files. Wait patiently for a couple of minutes till the compression process is complete.

How to compress files in Mac

The zip file will have the compressed forms of all the files and folders which you selected for compression. The zip file will be at the same location of the files you selected to compress. ]

Hope you have realized how easy it is to compress and uncompress files in Mac.


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