How to configure Windows XP to download faster?

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One of the main reasons behind slow downloads in Windows XP computer is the presence of Windows XP Firewall which prevents unauthorized access by the outside users. The Windows XP computer also helps in preventing the programs that have been installed on their computer to access the outside computers. But the users can increase the download speeds by configuring the Windows XP Firewall. The procedure can be manually done.

How to configure Windows XP to download faster?

Now let’s take a close look at the procedures regarding the configuration of Windows XP Firewall.

  • Users will have to first identify the port of their application

  • Now select the ‘Start’ button on the users Windows XP screen

  • Then click ‘My Network Places’

  • Then the users will have to click ‘View Network Connections’ link that is represented under the ‘Network Tasks’

  • Make sure that the users make use of Ethernet if the user have a desktop computer as well as Wi-Fi if the user is using a laptop

  • Then the users have to click the ‘Properties’ option

  • Under the Advanced tab, users will have to select the ‘Settings’ tab

  • In order to add a new port on to the firewall, select the ‘add’ button

  • It is desirable to type the description of the port especially in the description box

  • In the ‘Name or IP Address of the computer hosting this service on your network’ box, the users will have to type

  • The specified IP address refers to the users own system

  • Now the users will have to enter the port number ‘External Port’ box

  • Enter the port number on to the ‘internal port’ box too

  • Then select OK

  • Then the users will have to click the ‘Exceptions’ tab

  • Again the users will have to click ‘Add Program Button’

  • Now the users will have to select the application they wish to increase the speed from the application list

  • Then press OK

  • The selected application will be added on to the Windows XP Firewall white list

  • Finally the users will have to reboot their computer

  • The changes will be finally saved on to the computer once the computer gets restarted

Once the computer restarts, the users can now see that their downloading speed has increased considerably than before. And now the users can enjoy the ultimate and faster web experience by means of faster downloads eliminating the slow and boring experience that the users face during slower downloads. It is always desirable that the users give a try for this method since the procedure works fine.

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