How to Connect Macbook to a Wireless Network?

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Most of the users around the world make use of Apple’s Macbook taking in to consideration the light weight that makes the device extremely portable. Macbook is also known for the improved performance that it comes with. And above all, having the brand name of Apple itself defines the superior quality with which Macbook comes with.


Users will just have to make use of the in-built wireless card in their computer in order to connect wirelessly to any type of network. The latest generation Macbook makes use of 802.11 b/ g/ n wireless networks.


The following steps that are mentioned below have to be followed in a step by step manner.

  • Macbook’s Wi-Fi card will be active by default


How to Connect Macbook to a Wireless Network?


  • Once the Macbook identifies an available network, it prompts the users to establish a connection

  • Users will now have to choose the network name to connect

  • Then users will have to click join inorder to connect to the network that has been selected

  • If the user is provided with a SSID by the network administrator and if the user fails to find it in the available networks, then the users will have to select ‘Join Other’ button in order to enter the name and attempting again to find the network


If it doesn’t work, then the users will have to go for a manual selection of a wireless network.

  • Locate the Wi-Fi menu, it comes with a list of access points that are available as well as signal strength and security requirements

  • Users will now have to select the network name that they wish to connect

  • The presence of lock icon denotes that authentication is required


Authenticating on a wireless network


Whenever the user connects to a network that comes with a security requirement, it is mandatory that authentication is required by the users.

  • Users will have to enter the Password

  • Users can click Show Password if required incase the user wishes to see the password in letters instead of dots that they see when they type




  • It is always desirable for the users to check mark the ‘Remember this network’ button to ensure that the user does not have to type the password in order to activate the network

  • Finally select ‘Join’ inorder to finish the process

  • The network is now authenticated


Disabling and enabling Wireless Network


Enabling the Wireless network is sure to drain the battery power of the users Macbook, so it is always desirable that users disable the wireless network.

  • Go to the Wi-Fi status menu

  • Users will then have to turn Wi-Fi Off

  • This results in Wi-Fi menu getting updated to an outline of the usual multi-line symbol




  • Wi-Fi Hardware will be powered down

  • If the user wishes to enable the Wi-Fi card, then users will again have to navigate towards Wi-Fi status menu

  • Turn Wi-Fi On


This is how the users can connect their Macbook to a Wireless network.

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