How to connect to Xbox Live wirelessly?

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Microsoft Xbox 360 is one of the World’s most popular video game consoles and is said to have millions of users worldwide. Something cool about the Xbox 360 console is the Xbox Live feature. It can be activated with an internet connection, and after the activation, users will be able to play Xbox games online with other people who are online. Besides gaming, the users will also be able to listen to music and search games library as well.



Your Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console can use your wireless network to connect to the internet without making a mess of the cables connected here and there.


You require the following to access the Xbox Live from your Xbox 360 wirelessly.

  • High speed Internet connection (DSL or Cable)

  • A wireless router, gateway or access point compatible with Microsoft Xbox Live

  • Original Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter (can be used with Original consoles only)


It is recommended that you don’t use 3G/4G or satellite internet connection to access the Xbox Live, because online gameplay won’t be fun as there will be lag.


Your standard Xbox 360 console requires an Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter connected to it for activating Xbox Live. For Xbox 360 S consoles, you don’t need an adapter because your Xbox 360 S has built in WiFi and can skip to the “Configure Wireless settings” section below.



Connecting the adapter

  • Remove any network cable connected to the console on the back

  • On the back, fix the network adapter in the slots provided

  • Plug the adapter’s USB to the port

  • Raise the antennae of the adapter

  • Check if there is green light in the adapter indicating that it’s online


Configure Wireless settings

  • Go to Settings by pressing the Guide button of the console’s controller

  • Select System settings

  • Now select Network settings

  • Select your wireless network’s name

  • Give your wireless network password when prompted

  • If a software update prompt comes, select Yes




How to connect to Xbox Live wirelessly?



Note: If your wireless network’s name isn’t there, then go to Advanced Options and select Specify Unlisted Network. Then enter your name for the Wireless network there and choose the appropriate security type. Then resume the wireless configuration.


After configuring the wireless settings, you only have to join the Xbox Live which is easy. With a fast internet connection and your email address, you will be able to select any of the two types of memberships – FREE and GOLD.




  • If you have a Zune or Games for Windows-Live account, just download that account to your console and access the Xbox Live with that account itself

  • If you have hotmail or messenger account, that would be your Windows-Live ID as well

  • If you don’t have any of the above, sign up for a Windows-Live account for free



Joining Xbox Live

  • Press the Guide button on your controller

  • Select Join Xbox Live


Follow these simple instructions to open new doors to online entertainment

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