How to control MAC machine remotely using chrome desktop?

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Remote Desktop Connection as its name suggests deals with the remote accessing of another computer by the user. Don’t be surprised if you see a person accessing another computer that is present in another area with a mouse and keyboard of the computer the user is currently using! That’s the technology of today.

One of the most popular remote desktop tools available in the market is none other than the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. The procedure is so simple in which the two computers are connected to each other by means of just a browser!

How to control MAC machine remotely using chrome desktop?

The reality is that even Microsoft comes with a Remote Desktop Connection in Windows. Even though they offer a Mac version of the software, the disadvantage is that you cannot connect the windows PC to Mac. Instead you can connect the Mac to your windows PC.

Even though the use of a virtual network computing can solve the problem, it’s granted that users will prefer a tool that can run on any computers. And it is for sure that we all want a tool that can eliminate the need for prolonged settings configurations as well as downloading time. And of course, Chrome Remote Desktop is the perfect solution!

How to control MAC machine remotely using chrome desktop?

The connection has to be set up by following the corresponding steps.

  • Ensure that Google Chrome is installed in both Mac as well as personal computer.

  • Visit chrome web store.

  • Download Chrome Remote Desktop extension.

  • Install Chrome Remote Desktop in both the computers.

  • Initially launch the Chrome on Mac.

  • At the top, you can see a ‘+’ button. Click it.

  • Identify the extension for Chrome Remote Desktop.

  • A message for authorization will be displayed.

  • Press the Continue Button.

  • Users will be navigated to a page that will ask for the required permissions.

  • Click Allow Access button.

  • This will lead you to a ‘Share This Computer’ button. Click it.

  • Note down the Access Code that you receive.

Now the users will have to turn towards their personal computer.

How to control MAC machine remotely using chrome desktop?

The following steps have to be followed.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop has to be launched on your personal computer.

  • Click the tab button.

  • And then Press the Chrome Remote Desktop icon.

  • Users will have to grant permission to run.

  • Click the link to access a shared computer that is present in the Chrome Remote Desktop connect screen.

  • Now the users will have to enter the access code that was generated in Mac.

  • The Mac icon will be displayed in the Chrome browser on your personal computer.

  • Now the users can control any functioning in the Mac computer, the only thing the users will have to take note of is that users can minimize the chrome in Mac. But should not close it which will result in disconnection.

  • Once the accessing is finished, users can click Disconnect.

This is how the users can connect the Mac Machine remotely using the Chrome remote Desktop extension. The process is quite simpler and easier that makes it very user friendly tool.

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