How to Convert Your Own SIM into Nano SIM for iPhone?

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How to Convert Your Own SIM into Nano SIM for iPhone?

While iPhone 5's launch created waves of disappointment among the Apple fanboys with the lack of highly expected elements such as NFC, Retina Display and wireless charging, the handset still has some interesting aspects.

It is the slimmest Apple smartphone launched ever being 18% thinner than its predecessor – iPhone 4S. In order to reduce thickness of the handset, the Cupertino tech titan has adopted numerous innovative technologies including in-cell touch technology for the display, new Lightning connector instead of the 30 pin dock connector and the incorporation of smaller Nano SIM card.

How to get a Nano SIM card?

There are two ways to get a Nano SIM card for the new iPhone 5. The first one is too simple, as you just have to order one from your service provider. The second method is to convert your current SIM into a Nano SIM card.

If you choose the second method, all you need to have is a printer, an A4-sized paper, tape, scissors, sandpaper or file, ruler and marker.

Step1: Print the PDF attached in this link on the A4 paper at 100% scale.

Step 2: Place the Mini or Micro SIM on the region as shown in the figure. Choose the second slot for a Mini SIM and the third slot for Micro SIM.

Step 3: Stick your SIM card to the region using a tape.

Step 4: Make use of a ruler and marker to mark the outlines.

Step 5: Carefully and slowly cut through the lines without damaging your card.

Step 6: Use the file or sandpaper to smoothen the edges of the cut Nano SIM card. Be caution not to damage the circuitry of the SIM card.

And its done. Your Nano SIM card is ready to use.

However, following this method could result in permanent damage of your SIM card. Hence, it is recommended that you order a Nano SIM from your service provider.

Click here to read how to make a Micro SIM card.

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