How to copy files between iPhone and desktop without any app?

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A perfect solution has emerged for copying and pasting data back and forth between desktop computers as well as mobile phones, called Hopper. It arrives with a lot of user friendly features that include copying and pasting of images, text as well as files online.

The mobile web version app of Hopper is available now on the Apple based iPhone. The release of this feature is expected to bring an end to one of the most frustrating problems that accompany the smartphones as well as mobile phones. Hopper without the presence of any native app has managed to easily copy as well as paste the text, links as well as images back and forth between the user’s phone as well as desktop.

How to copy files between iPhone and desktop without any app?

It has to be noted that previously users had to do this by means of e-mail or perhaps Evernote. With the launch of the mobile web version of Hopper, it has been optimized in one of the best ways for iPhone.

If you are one of those users who are determined to avoid a messy inbox, it is for sure that this might turn out to be the perfect tool with which users can stay organized as well as things can be transferred instantly between different devices. The app is available for free.

Users will have to follow the below mentioned steps;

  • Users will have to navigate themselves towards in their iPhone

  • Hopper lets the user to copy as well as paste and share the files and images in a span of few minutes

How to copy files between iPhone and desktop without any app?

  • Users can simply open the page and paste the saved file on any location in the users desktop

  • Users can see that those images as well as files will be immediately uploaded

  • Users can also drag and drop files from their desktop to iPhone

  • Now the users will be able to access any sort of images as well as text or files that are saved from the user’s desktop right on to their phone

  • It is one of the perfect tools that the users can opt for while heading out for an address, file or photo

  • By means of using this app, users can very easily as well as quickly paste in the links as well as notes

How to copy files between iPhone and desktop without any app?

  • Each and every item in the Hopper will receive its own URL that the users can share with their friends

This is how users can copy and paste files as well as images from iPhone as well as desktop without the presence of any native app.

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