How to copy Google maps images?

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The copying of Google Map images or any images of your choice has to be done by following a number of steps. The steps are given below.

  • Open the web browser you usually use and type which takes you to the web site where you can find a search box as well as on screen tools which enables you in selecting your desired locations or any places that you wish to opt for. If you opt for the “satellite” button which provides you with the satellite image.

  • For example, In order to view the full screen of the map image that you wish to see you will have to press the F11 button. This enables the users with full screen view of the image. There will be a left hand side panel which may be a sort of disturbance. You can wipe out this by clicking the small arrow that is present in the screen.

  • Now in order to copy the specified earth image from the Google Map, you will have to press the “Print Screen” button which immediately captures the image from the Google map.

  • The next step that you have to do is to open the popular Microsoft Paint or if you have Adobe Photoshop you can open that also.

How to copy Google maps images?
  • The navigation to open the Image editing software is Go to “All Programs”.

  • Go to ‘Accessories”.

  • Go to “Paint”.

  • Click EDIT and PASTE the copied Google Image.

How to copy Google maps images?
  • After pasting the Google earth image that you have copied, you can click SELECT and you can modify the images as you wish by selecting the part of the image that you wish to see.

  • Once you select the specified portion. You will have to click EDIT and then click COPY in order to paste the selected image on to the screen.

  • If you make use of Adobe Photoshop, you can bring greater modifications and up gradations on to the image that you have downloaded from the Google Maps.

  • If you have a Microsoft PowerPoint, OPEN it.

  • There you can find an option titled “NEW SLIDE”. Click that option.

  • Select the “BLANK SLIDE” option.

  • Click the PASTE button on the home tab.

How to copy Google maps images?

Thus the copying of images from the Google Map to the corresponding Microsoft PowerPoint File has been successfully done. You can copy the Google map images to any PowerPoint like files if you wish.

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