How to couple your Tumblr page to Twitter?

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Twitter has the reputation of being one of the best social networking sites in the world and also one of the potential competitors for Facebook as well as Google+. Tumblr on the other side is a popular blog hosting website that also offers templates for sharing photos.


But have you ever thought of the possibility of syncing your Tumblr page on to Twitter so that all of your Tumblr posts will get automatically tweeted?


Yes, it is absolutely possible. Users will just have to follow the below mentioned steps to sync the user’s Tumblr page with that of Twitter.

  • Go to

  • If the user already have an account, then log in with the user’s Tumblr credentials

  • If the user does not have an account, then users will have to create a new account


How to couple your Tumblr page to Twitter?


  • Once the user has created an account or logged in, they will have to navigate towards upper right corner where the users can see Tumblelog

  • Click on the option titled ‘Link’

  • Select ‘Settings’ from the menu that is present inside the Link

  • Clicking of Settings will open up a page from which users can customize their posts, language, time zone as well as social networking feeds that includes Twitter

  • Users will then have to click on the option that denotes ‘Sign in with Twitter’

  • Here, the users will have to enter their own Twitter credentials




  • Now the users will have to select the ‘Allow’ tab by means of which users allow the Tumblr application to connect to the user’s Twitter account

  • Now the users can see that the webpage is closed and the users Twitter name will be displayed on the Services menu




  • If the user wishes to have every post to go automatically to Twitter, then the user will have to check the appropriate option which will send Tumblr posts to Twitter.

  • If the user wants to block specific posts Tumblr posts from being shown on Twitter, they will have to uncheck the box that is labeled ‘Send to Twitter’

  • If the user want to send the posts to Twitter only if they wish in certain occasions, then they will have to manually click on the ‘Send to Twitter’ option

  • If the user mistakenly sent a Tumblr post to Twitter, they can remove it by just deleting the Tweet


This is how users can sync the users Tumblr page to Twitter.

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