How to create a Video Blog with WordPress?

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Video Blogging is so popular among the internet users now. Video Blogging is also known among the younger generation as vlogging. Video Blogging has gained significant popularity nowadays taking in to consideration the ease with which the Blogs can be developed by making use of advanced tools.


How to create a Video Blog with WordPress?


The most popular Video Blogging tool is none other than WordPress. This is a tool that allows the users to embed videos from several video streaming services that are available in the international market. Some of the video streaming services that are popular include You Tube, Flickr, Photobucket as well as Google etc.


WordPress also comes with certain functionalities such as uploading of the videos to certain sites or web pages. With the help of a series of in-built tools that WordPress comes with, it has all the features for what it takes to be the perfect companion for the individual who has the desire to create their own Video Blogging site.


The following steps have to be followed in a step by step manner in order to create a Video Blog with the help of a WordPress.



  • Log in to the WordPress dashboard

  • Then the users will have to scroll down to the corresponding ‘Settings’ section that is present especially on the left side

  • In settings, Click Media

  • Go to the Embeds section

  • In the Embeds section, users will have to click auto-embeds box

  • Adjust the maximum embedded size appropriate to the theme

  • Then select the Posts section

  • Click Add New Post

  • Here, simply paste the link on to the text section of the post

  • Click Publish tab that is present in the right hand side.

  • Links will be embedded automatically.

  • Now the users have created their own Video Blog.


For the uploading of the pod cast videos, the following steps have to be followed. The steps include;

  • The maximum upload file size can be increased to 2MB by typing the command upload_max_filesize=2M.

  • It is always desirable to upload the files through FTP.

  • The linking has to be done with the help of HTML.




Now the users can see that their posts are now equipped with video streaming with complete access to podcasts. With all those fairly easier user friendly navigations, WordPress is such an amazing tool that most of the users will like to have with them for sure. This can be one of the many reasons why the users are increasingly interested in using WordPress that has redefined the meaning of Video Blogging.

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