How to create and integrate Facebook application?

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With a user base exceeding 600 million users, Facebook is easily the website most visited in the world. One of the reasons for Facebook’s popularity is the wealth of features which even folks without much technical knowledge can use, such as creating an application and inviting friends and family to check it out.

You can also commercially develop a game or Facebookapplication, and generate quite an income with good monetizing. In order to create a FacebookApplication there are a few requirements such as: domain name and hosting space or, in other words, a website which is needed to upload the code for your Application, and, of course, a Facebook account with the Developer Application option enabled.

It’s good to have a cPanel powered host that will help make the task of file managing and uploading easier when compared to the FTP-based system which is the default site management. There are some things to be done in your cPanel Account.

  • Head to your account, and then click on File Manager and then Public_html.

  • Here, you need to create a folder.

  • Give it any name or give your application’s name, the choice is yours.

  • Then you need to create within the folder an index.html.

  • Then, copy paste the code in that index.html file and save it.

The work in your cPanel account is done, so you can close it and now enter your Facebook account.

How to create and integrate Facebook application?

Once you’ve entered your Facebook account, head to the search bar and look for Facebook Developer groups or page.

  • Then, click on the “Go to App” option. Most likely you’ll find a “Set up a New App” button on which you need to click.

  • You’ll then need to enter your Application’s settings page. You’ll find six options here.

How to create and integrate Facebook application?

  • First click the “About” option. Here, you need to enter the name or your application, its description, the user support address and your contact email address.

  • Then click the “Website” option where you need the name of your site URL and site domain.

How to create and integrate Facebook application?

The next task you need to do is integrate your FacebookApplication, the most important element of your task. For this you need to enter your Canvas Page value, the Canvas URL and then the Canvas Secure URL followed by the IFrame Size, then Tab Name and Tab URL, and finally the Tab Secure URL.

These steps will integrate your application with Facebook. Then you can test and see it working. To test your application you can use the Tools and SDK function in the Developer page. Sometimes you may receive an error message indicating an excess of the maximum permissible length when executing your application.

All you have to do then is head to Facebook Settings and then Account Settings. Then, click the Security option for disabling your HTTPS. It’s as simple as that to create a basic application.

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