How to create and manage favorites in Windows explorer?

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Considered to be one of the least known features, Windows Explorer Favorites can help the users in easier navigation as well as considerable reduction in time consumption for the users in navigating. The favorites can be considered as a range of wide variety of shortcuts that is present especially in the left side of the navigation panel of Windows Explorer. On the left side, users can see a tab titled ‘Favorites’ with a star-like symbol.


How to create and manage favorites in Windows explorer?


Some of the favorites that are represented as default include the presence of Desktop, Downloads as well as Recent Places. Other favorites include the applications that are manually created by the users.


One of the major features of the favorites is that it can only comprise of folders, libraries as well as drives that are present in your system. The favorites cannot comprise of any programs or files. If the user tries to add a program or a file to the favorites, they will encounter a message that displays ‘Cannot Place in Favorites’.


Creating Favorites in Windows Explorer


The procedure can be done mainly in two ways


Method 1

  • Open the Windows Explorer

  • Users will then have to browse the folder or library as well as drive they wanted

  • Click the desired location with a mouse

  • Users will then have to drag it towards the ‘Favorites’ section

  • Now the users will encounter a message that displays ‘Create Link In Favorites’

  • Now take hold from your mouse

  • The users can see that the shortcut is added


Method 2

  • Select the desired location that users wish to add to the favorites

  • Scroll the mouse on to the Favorites icon

  • Right-click on to the icon

  • From the range of options provided, users will have to select the last one that denotes ‘Add current location to favorites’

  • That’s it! The process is done and now the users can find their desired location on the favorites screen





Managing Favorites in Windows Explorer


Managing is very well possible in the Favorites option of the Windows Explorer.

  • If the user wants to change the order in which the Favorites are mentioned, just click on to the favorite to be moved by means of a mouse and once the user scrolls it, they can see a message that displays ‘Move Here’. If the user releases the mouse key, the favorites will be moved on to that particular location

  • If the user expects one of the favorites to be deleted, they will have to right-click on to the Favorite option they wish to delete and click ‘Remove’

  • Another method to remove the shortcut is to click on to it and press the ‘Delete’ button in the users keyboard



  • Users can also ‘Rename’ the shortcut; the users will have to right-click the shortcut option and click the ‘Rename’ option. Then Rename the shortcut and then press Enter button on the user’s keyboard


This is how the users can create as well as manage the Favorites in Windows Explorer.

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