How to create backups for iOS devices

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For all the users who makes use of iOS based Apple devices which they have bought with so much excitement, it is quite important and inevitable to know the significance of backing up your device that consists of many important applications installed in it. As far as Apple is concerned, they have provided users with almost two choices in order to back up their device.

  • Back up with iCloud

  • Back up through iTunes

 Now let’s have a detailed understanding regarding the procedures to back up your iOS device.


How to create backups for iOS devices


Back Up with iCloud

ICloud is such a wonderful application that it helps in syncing almost everything to the users iCloud account. The applications that will be synced ranges from media, settings and to preferences. The fact is that Apple provides users with 5GB of free space so that the users can store photos, videos, messages as well as ring tones.


Now let’s move on to the steps regarding the procedures to back up.

  • Users will have to turn on their iOS device

  • Then select Settings

  • In settings, select ‘iCloud’

  • Once the user clicks the iCloud, they can see a page that is titled ‘Storage and Back up’ on the right side of the page

  • There the users can see information regarding ‘Total Storage’, ‘Available’ as well as ‘Manage Storage’, ‘Buy More Storage’ etc

  • Below Buy More Storage, the users can see an option titled ‘Back Up’

  • At the bottom of ‘Back Up’, users can see a tab titled ‘iCloud Back Up’

  • Turn ‘iCloud Backup’ to ‘ON’ status

  • This will enable iCloud backup to the users iCloud account



Basic Requirements for automatic Back up to iCloud account

  • Users should be connected to Wi-Fi network

  • Connected to power source

  • Should be in Lock-Screen Mode


If the user want to initiate a manual back up to the iCloud Account, then the users will have to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Select Settings

  • Then click iCloud

  • Then in ‘Storage and Backup’, Click the tab ‘Back Up Now’ that is present at the bottom of the Storage and Backup page




Back Up through iTunes

  • Connect the iOS device

  • Then the users will have to sync all the data as well as media with that of the iTunes

  • Select the ‘Devices’ option

  • Search for your specified iPhone, iPod as well as iPad that you have

  • Once the user right-click the device name, they can see a range of options

  • From the range of options given, select ‘Back Up’

  • This will enable the iTunes to back up all the important files


This is how the users can create backups for their iOS devices.


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