How to create shortcuts on iPhone home screen?

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Toggling between the settings of the iPhone is an aggravating process. It can be easily done by keeping the Bluetooth switched on. But when you think about iPhone’s battery woes, it is not a good idea to do so. So the user has to navigate time and time again to switch on the Bluetooth, WiFi or to change the brightness of the screen. These types of activities usually take place in three steps which is frustrating.

There is a resolution for this issue. The architecture of the iPhone depends on the URL strings. Therefore the user can easily create shortcuts directly with the settings and thus the user can keep access to the various settings of the iPhone with a single click.

A few methods are available to accomplish the task of creating the shortcuts. The procedure that has been explained below is the simplest one till date. The process of creating the shortcuts to the iPhone home screen is as explained below.

  • Go to the settings page on the iOS operating device by logging into
  • Now the page loads with different types of iPhone icons. The short cut to each setting is represented by each icon. It can be created by giving it a click.

How to create shortcuts on iPhone home screen?

  • After that a page will be displayed with an option to install the selected shortcut. Some of the shortcuts consist of two icons. Tap on “Install XXX shortcut.
  • The iOS device will ask whether the user wants to install the profile. Now click on the install button.
  • In order to complete the installation process, the user will be asked to create a pass code.
  • After the completion of the installation process the user will be directed to safari. You can view the newly created icon by tapping on the home button of the iOS device. There you can see the icon.
  • Thus the user can easily move the shortcuts to toggle on and off with reliability. Air plane mode, Bluetooth and WiFi are certain examples.
  • The user can remove the shortcuts created on the Home page when they feel to do so. It can be removed in the same way you would uninstall an application. Go to Settings>General>Profile or removing the “profile” as a whole. The user can easily scroll down once they are in the general menu. When you click on the profiles that you intended to remove, it displays a “remove” button.

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