How to create time lapse videos with Picasa?

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Picasa known to be one of the popular free picture editors that was developed by Google provides users with the capability of providing easier ways for creating free time-lapse videos.


Starting with Picasa


How to create time lapse videos with Picasa?

  • Click open the folder that the user wishes to make use of in Picasa

  • For editing the picture, users will have to select the set of photos that has to be edited and then select the option titled ‘Picture’ that is located at the top of the menu

  • Basic filtering functionalities such as sharpening as well as Auto-corrections can be done under ‘Batch Edit’


Making the Movie

  • Once the editing procedure is completed, users will have to ensure that all files are selected

  • Navigate near to the Folder icon and the users will then have to click on the ‘Create Movie Presentation’ icon

  • Now the users can see that the photos will instantly deliver in to a movie preview with the editing options being represented on the left side

  • Go to the Transition mode drop-down menu
  • Click on the Time Lapse

  • Select the video size

  • Select the frame rate required

  • Selecting a smaller size as well as slower rate will do better if you are the user who is wishing to watch the video on the users computer

  • Incase the photos are equipped with a different aspect ratio compared to the video output being selected, then it is desirable to select the ‘Full Frame Photo Crop’ which will eliminate the need for resizing them with black bars on both the sides


Final Edits


If the user wishes to attach an audio track to the movie, then they will have to;

  • Click on the ‘Load’ button that is denoted at the top of the ‘Movie’ option

  • Or else users can also change the default title that is being represented below the ‘Slide’ tab

  • Finally for watching the preview, users will have to click on the Play button denoted in Green color at the bottom


Render and Export Video

  • On the left panel, users will have to click on the ‘Create Movie’ button

  • Users will now be able to see that their movie will be displayed as a draft in a new window combined with a progress bar

  • The progress bar is located on the right side

  • Once the compiling of the video is completed, users can select the option that denotes ‘Back to Library’ for viewing the user’s movie being saved as a .wmv file within Picasa


That’s it. This is how users can create time-lapse videos by making use of Picasa.

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