How to detect and remove virus from computer?

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How to detect and remove virus from computer?

Everyday, thousands of virus are spreading across the internet. Some of them are very dangerous and affect the computer badly while some others are no so. As you use the internet, these viruses pass on to your computer. How can you remove them from the computer and protect your device? There are anti virus softwares online that you can download and use in order to free your computer from virus.

Detecting virus

  • Computer running too slow

  • Unexpected messages or automatic program launches

  • Overtime working of hard disk or modem

  • Slow or no access to internet

  • Regular rebooting

  • Frequent computer crashes

Tips to remove virus from computer

  • Update your anti-virus software everyday.

  • If your computer is affected, try to restore the device using System Restore Tools.

  • If System Restore is not working, try to boot the computer in Safe Mode. If this works, scan the computer with the updated anti-virus software and remove the detected virus.

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