How to differentiate a smartphone from a mobile phone

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How to differentiate a smartphone from a mobile phone

Phones, especially mobile phones & smartphones have become an inseparable part of everyday life. Without the various mobile phones & smartphones, our lives would be unimaginable. These phones provide a variety of features including certain smart features. When choosing phones, people tend to forget the difference between a mobile phone & a smartphone. Keeping this in mind, we provide certain details using which you can easily distinguish between mobile phones & smartphones. These details are:

1) Apps for smartphones: This is one of the easily distinguishable features in smartphones. Through this, users can get first hand access to games, weather reports, entertainment guides etc. These apps are present & can work only in smartphones not in ordinary cellphones.

2) Operating System: All smartphones use an operating system for their operations just like in computers whereas ordinary cellphones don't make use of operating systems. One good example of smartphone operating system is the Android which is the most popular operating system today.

3) Phone configuration: You can easily differentiate a smartphone from an ordinary mobile phone just by looking at the configuration list. Smartphones generally have high-end configurations whereas usual mobile phones have high-end configuration but with limitations.

Thus, the next time you come across a combination of mobile phones & smartphones & if you want to select a smartphone, be sure to have all the above points in mind before selecting.

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