How to download music from MySpace?

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Most of the people around the world are music lovers. One of the main advantages of music is that it can enhance the listeners with a pleasant state of mind. Such is the demand for music tracks around the world. And as expected many started offering sources to listen to the songs as well as download them if you wish.


One of the most popular service of that kind is MySpace which enhances the users with sources to listen to the songs of local as well big name bands. The fact is that there are many available bands which offer browsers that help in downloading your favorite bands. Audacity is one of its kind programs that help in downloading music from MySpace.


How to download music from MySpace?


  • Download Audacity which is considered to be one of the most popular audio recording programs that can be easily used. Performance is also good since it used minimal system resources

  • Second step is to set up the Audacity by installing it on your specified computer by clicking “Next” button and finally pressing the Finish Button.

  • As far as Windows XP is concerned, Change the audacity recording to “What-u-Hear”.

If the user doesn’t see the option ‘What-u-Hear’ in the latest operating systems such as Windows7 or Windows Vista, mainly two steps has to be followed are:

  • Re-enabling the Stereo Mix.

  • Getting Audacity to record from the Stereo Mix device.


How to Re-enabling the Stereo Mix:

  • Click start.

  • Click Control Panel.

  • Select Sound.

  • The Recording procedures are similar for Windows Vista as well as Windows XP.

  • Right click the corresponding empty area.

  • Select the option titled Show Disabled Devices.

  • In the list an icon titled Stereo Mix can be found.

  • Right click and uncheck the Disable option.

  • So now it is enabled.

  • Click OK.



Getting Audacity to record from the Stereo Mix device: The following steps have to performed:

  • Open up Audacity.

  • Users will be able to see Traditional boxes with Mic, What-u-Hear, Line in etc.

  • In Audacity, Click preference.

  • In Recording Box, Select Stereo Mix that will change accordingly to the sound card you are using.

  • Click OK.



After following these steps, the final five steps have to be followed:

  • Select the persons MySpace account from which the track has to be downloaded.

  • Click the Record option in Audacity.

  • Play the corresponding track.

  • The users can take a note of the recording that is happening in the track.

  • Save the track.

  • Finally export it as an MP3.


This is how the music has to be downloaded from MySpace using Audacity as a tool.


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