How to download music from Playstation 3 to PC?

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Video game consoles rose to incredible popularity with the arrival of Sony’s Playstation series video game console. The latest model of the Playstation is the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3). The Playstation 3 is a multi purpose video gaming console, which can let users play games in full HD resolution or perform a number of media related operations, which also includes accessing the internet and downloading music.

How to download music from Playstation 3 to PC?

Playstation 3 can play Video files and Music files in DVD’s and Bluray disks. The files can be downloaded to the Playstation 3’s large hard disk itself or you can use an external storage device, where you can download and save the files. You can connect external storage devices to the PS3 using the USB port in the console.

Here are the instructions that you can follow if you wish to download all the stuff directly to your personal computer from your Playstation 3. The instructions are quite simple.


  • Switch on your computer and turn on the Playstation 3

  • Using the USB port at the front of the console, connect the USB storage device to the Playstation 3



  • On the Cross Media Bar of the console, go to the “Music” menu

  • Explore the Music menu, search for the music file you want to download to your computer, and locate the music file

  • Go to the “Options” menu by pressing the triangle button on your Sony Playstation dual Shock controller

  • In the Options menu, go to the “Copy” option and press “X” on your Playstation controller

  • In Step 2, select the USB device that you have connected and press “X” button on the controller



  • The music files you selected should be downloaded to a folder named “MUSIC” in the USB storage device, which will be created by the Playstation if it doesn’t already exist

  • Disconnect USB device after downloading is finished

  • Connect the USB device to your computer

  • Open the USB device after opening the My Computer

  • Open “MUSIC” folder and select the music files by clicking and dragging or pressing control and then clicking each file

  • Right click on any file that you selected and click Copy

  • Open the folder in your computer where you want to Copy the music and then select Paste after right clicking on an empty space


This is the only way you can download components using your Playstation 3 and store them in your computer. Use a USB device where you can directly download the components from the Playstation, then unplug the device, plug it a PC and then copy and paste all the music files that you have downloaded from PS3 to the computer.

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