How to enable business to customer interaction with Facebook?

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Expected to redefine the way in which customer service is done by business organizations, Facebook has introduced a new messaging feature.

The latest news that is making headlines across the world includes the introduction of a new private messaging feature by Facebook. The new feature helps the business organizations by making them receive private messages from their fans on Facebook social networking service.

How to enable business to customer interaction with Facebook?

Some of the major advantages of this new feature include;

  • Establishment of private feedbacks from the customers regarding the products of the business organizations

  • Establishment of more closer interaction between the business people as well as customers

  • Improvised customer service

  • Reducing the extent of publicity as far as negative comments are concerned

  • A big boost to the consumer facing businesses

By making use of this new feature, consumer facing businesses can establish a more personalised approach to managing customer requirements. At the same time it helps in maintaining less publicity as far as the negative comments are taken in to consideration.

The procedure is as follows;

  • Once the communication is initiated by the customer

  • The conversation will now be open to both the parties

As far as the downside of the new private messaging feature is concerned,

  • Reduce the public communication with that of the brands

  • Can significantly reduce the page’s visibility

  • The more the private comments, the less the public comments

As far as Facebook is concerned, it is a platform where users can express their open opinions, so as far as private messaging is concerned, it can very well decrease the extent of popularity of an organization where as public messaging can be a great means of visibility if the business organization is capable of maintaining the supremacy of its functionality.

The private messaging feature has been introduced in Facebook taking in to consideration the stiff competition that has emerged with Google+ as well as Twitter launching the means of direct customer interaction with the business organizations, even though Twitter’s private messaging feature is restricted to a maximum of 140 characters at a time.

The message button of the new private messaging feature of the information box represents a message that denotes that the users can directly communicate with the business organization page by means of the message button. If private messaging is not needed, unchecking the box that is present near to that of the messages option in the admin settings will disable the private messaging option.

This is how Facebook can enable the business to have more improvised customer interaction.

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