How to enable content filtering in Android?

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Content Filtering in Android is considered to be one of the most desired features that most of the parents would like to have in their android devices. They would like to control on content and applications, their kids are exposed to while using the android device.


How to enable content filtering in Android?


The significance of Content Filter applications and the need to activate the application is high taking into consideration the fact that more and more kids are nowadays prone to watching high maturity level search results. The introduction of content filtering in Android device is sure to bring a strong hold for parents on their kids by showing only the search results of low-maturity levels.




Now let’s take a close look at the procedures and detailed descriptions regarding how this feature can be enabled in the user’s android device.


The below mentioned steps has to be followed without fail in order to activate the content filtering on the Android Market.

  • Users will have to first start their android device

  • Then users will have to select the Android market application

  • The Android Market application icon will be placed either within the application menu or in the right-side of the home screen itself

  • Click on the icon in order to enter in to the application

  • Users will have to make sure that they are connected to the internet either through Wi-Fi or by means of data connection



  • Open the application

  • Then select the ‘Market Place settings’ menu by means of the options key that are present on the device

  • Then click on the ‘Settings’ tab from the prompt once the menu opens up

  • Inside the settings, users can see the ‘Content Filtering Option’

  • The Content Filtering tab will represent almost all sorts of applications by default

  • In order to ring changes to the ‘Settings’ option, users will have to select the option that is located on the right side of the icon that represents ‘Lock’

  • Selecting of the Lock Icon will open up the application group prompt

  • Users will be enhanced with a list of application levels that they can choose which ranges from low maturity levels to High maturity levels

  • Users will have to select by check-marking ‘Everyone’ and ‘Low Maturity’ options

  • Once selected, it will become the ‘default’ option for the search criteria

  • By selecting ‘Low Maturity’, no application with higher maturity levels will be shown in the search results


This is how the users enable content filtering in their android devices.

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