How to enable cookies in Firefox?

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Have you ever tried to track your web site activities; if not then here is an opportunity to do that in just simple steps. Well, as you know Cookies are information that web server sends to the browser. This is done every time you visit a website.


This will help you to track the records of your visit to different websites and also help you to minimize the time required in loading the same page the next time you visit. You can easy avail this facility by enabling Cookies with your Firefox. To have a detailed understanding on how this facility can be availed, you need to follow some of the actions briefed below.


To begin with you should identify which version of Firefox you are using. Here we will look into how to enable cookies in the version 5 of Mozilla Firefox.


  • In the initial step you have to go to the Firefox button which is available at the top left corner of the screen.



How to enable cookies in Firefox?



  • You have to click open that button and locate another button which is named ‘option’.

  • After clicking on ‘option’ a new window will open which will show an icon called ‘privacy’.





  • As you can see there is an option, ‘remember history’, click on that. This will help you to track the record of all details regarding the websites you visited.





  • If you wish to provide exceptions for some websites; that is you want to track only some of the websites then you can select ‘custom setting for history’

  • It will open into a new window were there are many options available which you can choose according to your preference and thus you can customize the settings accordingly and select specific websites in which you want to enable cookies.

  • After selecting your preferences click ‘exceptions’





  • Another window will open where you need to enter the address of the website and then click ‘allow’.

  • Then click ‘close’ button

  • And then last step is to click ‘ok’ button.


This will help you to enable the cookies with the Mozilla Firefox and you can track you records. Moreover if you are using the version 3.0 or 3.5 of Mozilla then you have to follow some different steps:


  • First step is to go to ‘tools’ then locate ‘options’ and then the ‘privacy icon as you did earlier.

  • Then click ‘change privacy settings’

  • Then you can follow the same steps as told earlier.


As told earlier enabling Cookies is of your preference and the exception option will help you to select the particular website in which you want to track.

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