How to enable the two step verification process in Dropbox?

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In July there was an issue where Dropbox usernames and passwords were compromised by third party websites. As a response to it, Dropbox announced that it will be tightening up the security to prevent such events in future. Now Dropbox has delivered what it had promised by introducing a new ‘two step verification feature’.

Once you have enabled the two step verification feature in Drop box, you will be asked to enter the password along with a security code for every new device accessing the Dropbox service. This security code can be received through SMS or can be generated by using a mobile authenticator app. As of now Dropbox supports Google Authenticator, Authenticator app for Windows 7 devices and Amazon WS MFA for Android gadgets.

Setting up two step verification

Setting up two step verification in Dropbox is easy.

  • Start by logging into your Dropbox account.

  • From the menu on the top right corner of the page, select settings.

  • Direct yourself to the security tab

  • Now go to the ‘Account Sign in’ section

  • Click on ‘change’ adjacent to ‘Two-step verification’

How to enable the two step verification process in Dropbox?

  • Click on ‘Get started’

  • Enter your password

  • Choose the way by which you wish to execute authentication. You can choose text messages or authentication via mobile apps. If you are using text messages for authentication, you will be prompted to provide your mobile number whereas choosing for mobile app authentication will require you to scan a barcode given by Dropbox and enter the code manually.
  • Now enter the sixteen digit pass code into the website. Dropbox will now provide a sixteen digit code to use in case you lose your device. Write down the code or store it somewhere safe by taking a screen shot.

  • Click on Enable two-step verification to complete the process.

By enabling two-step verification you will be protected from mishandling of sensitive data stored in your account by hackers or third party websites.

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