How to ensure privacy for Facebook wall posts?

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Facebook is considered to be one of the most popular social networking sites in the World. With the increasing number of subscribers for Facebook, there is a greater need for improved privacy settings to maintain the user privacy as well as confidentiality. Keeping in pace with the demand, Facebook redesigned their privacy settings.

How to ensure privacy for Facebook wall posts?

Ever since the redesign of Facebook Privacy Settings, there is lot of confusion looming among the users regarding the privacy control, wall posts, tagging as well as commenting. This is how users can control their privacy of Facebook wall posts.

Wall Posts were meant to be public

  • Wall posts can be seriously considered as a form of public message

  • When the users leave a comment or note to another user in Facebook, it would be seen by both of them as well as other friends including the mutual friends

How to ensure privacy for Facebook wall posts?

  • Wall Posts are made public and the users will have to accept the fact that there is no means by which users can make a wall post private

To make a massage private, there are mainly two ways that include

  • Sending a message

  • Posting private update on to the wall and then tagging it on to a particular friend

Posting Private Updates

Even though the fact is that most users know how to post messages on the walls, the fact is that most of the users still don’t know of the process of controlling the privacy of those posts.

How to ensure privacy for Facebook wall posts?

One of the ways in order to control the privacy of Facebook Wall Posts is to publish the content that is only visible to specific friends. It is always desirable that users can limit the number of friends who can access the user’s information instead of posting a status update that everybody can view.

The content privacy settings can be classified in to four categories namely;

  • Everyone

  • Friends of friends

  • Only Friends

  • Customize

  • Selecting ‘Everyone’ represents any user who is on or off Facebook

  • Selecting ‘Friends of Friends’ represents anyone who is a friend with another friend

  • ‘Only Friends’ category just include ‘Confirmed Friends’

  • Customize category allows the users to customize a category of their own and include friends

It is as per the user preference that they will have to select either of the given options and there by can control the privacy of their Facebook Wall Posts to a greater extent.

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