How to Fix Broken Keys of Your Computer Keyboard?

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How to Fix Broken Keys of Your Computer Keyboard?

Unlike popular belief, fixing and replacing broken keys on a keyboard is really easy. You will surely want to consider this option when you have a really expensive keyboard in hand and do not want to replace it. The first step towards repairing the keyboard will be to determine the problem. If the keys are stuck or slow, there might not be a need for replacement. 

You can resolve this issue by opening the keyboard and cleaning the contacts. Often keys are stuck due to accumulation of dust or due to liquid spills. Carefully cleaning the contacts using electronics cleaning fluid will help you resolve this issue in no time. If the keys have been severely damaged, replacing the keys will be the most viable option. 


To do this, 

Step 1: Turn off the computer and disconnect the keyboard from the port. Remove the battery if you are using a wireless keyboard to ensure that there is no risk of shock while you dismantle it.

Step 2: Place a flat head screw driver under the keys. Then remove the keys carefully by pushing. The keys will pop out. Do not apply more force it the keys are not coming out. Move the screwdriver to a different position and repeat the procedure.

Step 3: Check the key retainer under the key. It is a white plastic part which serves as a connector between the key and the motherboard. If it is damaged, take it out. Then replace both pieces. Most keys purchasable come with new key retainers. So it is preferable to replace both pieces.

Step 4: Next step will be to snap the key and key retainer in place. You can do this by placing the key on the retainer and slowly pushing it down. If you hear a soft click sound, then you have placed it correctly.

The process is very simple, try these steps if you need to fix broken keys on a keyboard.

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