How to fix reminders in Outlook 2010?

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Reminders are considered to be an integral part of people’s lives. With increasing work pressures as well as family pressures, most of the people don’t get time to think of important appointments or the birthday of their loved ones which may be far away from the current month or current day. That is where the significance of Reminders arises. And this is one of the major features that Microsoft Outlook Calendar possesses.

But the fact is that at times, it will get corrupted or disabled. At these times by following certain steps you can rectify these problems and continue using the Reminders in the Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

How to fix reminders in Outlook 2010?

The following instructions have to be followed in a step by step manner.

  • Start Microsoft Outlook.

  • Navigate towards the File Tab.

  • Click the option named Options.

  • Click the option named “Advanced” tab which is present in the left side of the pane.

  • Select the “Reminder” option.

How to fix reminders in Outlook 2010?

Now that you have selected the Reminder option in Microsoft Outlook 2010, the following steps has to be followed without fail.

  • Check mark and select the Show Reminders option.

  • Click OK.

  • Enable if the corresponding check box was not selected.

  • Continue if the check box was already selected in order to fix the corrupt reminder files.

  • Exit Microsoft Outlook 2010.

  • Click Start button in Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows7.

  • Click Run option only in Windows XP.

  • Type the following command in the Open box in Windows XP as well as Search Box in Windows Vista or Windows7 that is present below the Start Menu option.

  • The command is given as outlook/cleanreminders.

  • From the Result list, click Outlook/cleanreminders.

  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 automatically will get open.

  • Check whether your Microsoft Outlook Calendar has its reminder working successfully as of now. If it’s working, then it means that the problem has been rectified and fixed.

How to fix reminders in Outlook 2010?

If the Reminder is not working even after checking, then you will have to finally check the following steps

  • In Windows Vista as well as Windows7, Press the Start button.

  • Type the following command in the Search Box that is present at the bottom of the Start Menu as outlook/resetfolders.

  • Where as in Windows XP, after clicking the Start button you will have to select Run and you will have to type outlook/resetfolders in the Open Box and finally Click OK.

  • From the Results list, select outlook/resetfolders.

  • Microsoft successfully opens with the corrupt or missing reminder folders restored.

Thus the Reminders in Microsoft Outlook 2010 Calendar have been successfully restored.

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