How to fix up issue of USB drive not getting recognized?

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While using the Flash memory based portable storage device called the USB, you might face problems like the USB device not getting recognized, USB device not detected etc. The first step is to analyze the problem. See if the problem is any one of the following, which lists the troubles that may be the cause of the unrecognized USB device:


  • Unknown device

  • Drivers not updated

  • Drive letter sharing


How to fix up issue of USB drive not getting recognized?



Unknown Device: If you are facing this problem, follow the steps below:




  • Check if the device manager of your computer shows “Unknown Device”, in the place of your USB drive.

  • If it is, then remove the USB device from the port.

  • Turn off the computer and after shut-down; remove the computers power plug, so that there won’t be any power in the motherboard. After 2-3 minutes, turn the computer on.

  • Connect the USB device back again and see if it works.






Drivers not updated: You can check the device manager to see if any driver updates are available. Either ways, it’s good to update the drivers.




  • Make sure you have an internet connection

  • For Windows XP users, right click the original My Computer icon on desktop (not shortcut icons) and select the Properties option. Go to the Hardware tab and select “Device Manager”. On the view tab of the Device Manager window, select Devices by type and then right click the USB Host Controller and click the “Update Driver” option.

  • For Windows 7/Vista users, in the Control Panel, select the Maintenance Tab and click on Device Manager. In the Device Manager Window, select “Update device drivers”.


Driver letter sharing: A hardware device already installed in your computer might have the same driver letter of the USB driver. You should change it first.


For Windows XP users


  • Open My Computer and check any drive you partitioned while installing Windows is missing. If it’s then close the window and right click the My Computer icon in the desktop and select Manage from the drop down box. In the Computer Management window, select Disk Management.

  • Look for "WD_Backup." – A drive without a name. Click on the “Change drives letter and paths” option.

  • From the Message box which appears, click on the letter of your choice and click OK to accept the changes.


For Windows 7/Vista users


  • Select Management option from the My Computer icon by a right click. Click on “Computer Management” tab and select Storage.

  • Go to removable drive

  • Right click and select the option “Change Drive Letter and Paths”.

  • From the Message box, select a letter and click OK to accept the changes.



If the problem still persists, then your USB port might have malfunctioned.

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