How to get inbound links for your website?

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Most of the portals across the world consider website promotion as an integral part of their growing business strategy. Increasing the traffic to their website is a critical objective of an entrepreneur since it is an indication that the popularity of the organization or company that owns the website is growing.

Inbound links is considered to be quite an essential part as far as website promotional strategy is concerned.

SEO copyrighting plays a vital role in website promotion, but is only job half done. The other half mainly relies on the extent of inbound links that the users can obtain.

Some of the ways through which users can obtain as much links as possible are given below.


Squidoo has the reputation of being one of the most popular website that host pages named lenses.

How to get inbound links for your website?

Advantages of Squidoo

  • High Trust links can be obtained from the PR8 website which is considered to be among the top 500 in the world

  • Increase the traffic

  • Squidoo Forums is one of the best place in order to increase the popularity of the lenses

Forum Postings

  • Here the users will have to choose a website that suits the user’s needs

  • Make it a point that the links are contextual

  • Users will have to make sure that the posts are useful as well as substantial

Syndicate Content

This can also be considered as one of the perfect platforms in which the users will have to write articles and can syndicate them accordingly to websites such as or some other well known services. These websites can be considered as one of the perfect source in order to create back-links.

Make way for people to know about your articles

The more the people know about your articles, the more you are supposed to get the inbound links. There are many ways through which you can get inbound links. Social Book-Marking websites are an example.

Another way is to ask the online library to provide you with the link. But before you approach the online library, make sure that you are having high-quality content article that should be atleast of 15 pages.

Online Competition

One of the best ways through which the user can get noticed, bring one of the best online discussion topics that can suit the users business needs, conduct a competition and announce a prize for the winner! The fact is that the news will spread fast and more and more people will link to you in your respective forums or blogs.

Online Press Releases

If the users have with them something that is worthy and interesting, then the users can broadcast it by means of popular websites such as PRWeb. But inorder to find a place in the PRWeb, it is quite necessary that the user come up with a well written press release that can have a better link to the users website.

The success mainly relies on the fact that users write the press release in such a fashion that will make other websites quite interested in broadcasting.

These are some of the ways through which users can get more inbound links for their websites.

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